Geospatial Analysis & Pipeline Services

With over 25 years of combined experience, Damian & Associates provides a diverse range of pipeline services including large-scale pipeline design and mapping in all phases of construction as well as regulatory studies and surveys. Using advanced technology, including submeter and RTK GPS systems, and the latest CAD and GIS Mapping software, D&A is prepared to take on projects of all sizes with full assurance that intermediate and final products comply with the latest industry standards.

Geospatial Analysis is the study of patterns, systems and relationships that exist geographically in the world around us. Geospatial datasets can be paired and represented together in a manner such that spatial phenomena can be observed and statistically modeled. Some examples of industries in which this analytic technology is applied include:

  • Engineering–modeling of utilities, topography, and other site characteristics for design optimization and identification of geographic hindrances to construction feasibility
  • Municipal Development– layering of jurisdictional and zoning boundaries with engineering, transportation and land use features for the purpose master planning
  • Environmental– compiling soils, terrain and other ecological features for impact visualization and land management decision making
  • Business & Investing– modeling of demographics and spatial diffusion as it applies to economic feasibility and the business environment

The GIS industry continues to grow and data collections methods continue to evolve, allowing more and more insight into the complex relations between our environment and each other. Our Spatial Analysts are career professionals who can help you visualize and understand the multitude of factors which contribute to your successful project.


Demonstrate GIS and Pipeline data in a comprehensive and detailed manner in order to create a near real-time representation of client assets.


Manage created, edited, gathered and obtained data in a structured data environment in order to perform detailed relational analyses for both Tabular Reports and GIS Mapping.


Utilize Data Management and Historical systems to track Geo-Spatial and Attribute changes made to all clients’ Pipeline and related assets in efforts to improve accuracy and decision making.


Create a GIS enabled model to determine suitability and design of proposed pipeline routes enhancing quality control and minimizing environmental impact.


Provide ROW agent services to research related land ownership along proposed pipeline route.  Also contact the appropriate state and federal agencies and prepare environmental assessments and complete permit applications to obtain the necessary permits.

PIPELINE CLASS & HCA, 49 CFR 195 and 195

Provide pipeline integrity management analysis and modeling services to assist pipeline operators meet the requirements specified in 49 CFR Part 192 and Part 195 by the DOT PHMSA through OPS.


Produce a plan and basic inspections for a comprehensive multi-step turnkey program including procedures, documentation, reporting and prevention and mitigation planning to promote the safe and reliable operation of the pipeline system.


Analyze pipeline systems and define the Location Class using DOT Class technology.


Assess pipeline systems using EPA NESHAP RICE, 40 CFR 63 ZZZZ criteria and provide analysis and proposed corrective action.

From start to finish

In the fast-moving culture of pipeline construction and operation, Owner Clients require not only proficiency and responsiveness in a Contractor, but also a consistent reliability and quality control in product output.

In addition to Client-specific accountability reports and deliverables, Damian & Associates maintains a strict level of internal project auditing, review and documentation.

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